Prestigious Clientele

A great deal can be known about a company by the companies it keeps.

Acura’s clients have a variety of backgrounds and specialized needs. They all have prestigious names too. The company’s foundation was and remains with the hospitality industry. Hotels demand perfection; without it they lose business to their competition.

A number of GTA Holiday Inns have trusted their cleanliness to Acura, as have Radisson and Accor Hotels.

So have a number of auto dealerships whose cars happen to sell for $500,000 or more.

A number of clients in the high fashion industry such as Gucci and Escada also count on Acura to maintain that "look" within their stores.

A number of Ontario universities turn to Acura in trusting the cleanliness of their student resident facilities to be sparkling!

We have even caught the eye of our “competitors” in the industry, so to speak. When major cleaning contractors need to know that their high-end projects will stay high end, they call Acura to do the work.

Flexibility is the key, however, and Acura also provides janitorial services for several banks, gyms and office buildings throughout the southern tier.

When it comes to looking their best, our clients know we let them put on the airs!



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