Why Work For Us


Why is so much management needed in the janitorial services industry? Minimum wage. The truth is that workers earning minimum wage rates have nothing to look forward to from their jobs. Their satisfaction is low and so is the quality of their work.


Many companies counter this with numerous managers who can keep an ever-present eye on the workers to ensure that the minimum of tasks are performed. This system, that takes money away from actual service and increases the costs incurred by the client, is considered a necessity.


Acura has a better idea! less management means a living wage for workers. Workers who earn more take more pride in their jobs and stay at them longer. They have a deeper level of experience, are more pro-active, and perform their duties better with less need to be constantly “managed”.


That’s not to say that they aren’t supervised! In fact, Acura has a number of working field supervisors who not only oversee the performance of on site workers but can also roll up their sleeves and provide those little extras that make such a difference in the esthetics of “clean”.


In the end, the client gets a better job and value for their money. As an employee, you have satisfaction for a job well done.


Current Openings


We are always on the lookout for cleaners.  Please email at
jobs at us your resume and contact info and we will get in touch with you.



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